Del Carnegie And the Art of Living

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie, a famous American writer who created his own theory of positive and right, that is, mutually beneficial communication with people, it would seem, should have been happy and successful all his life. But that was far from the case. Del Carnegie showed How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Dale Carnegie there.

Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was born November 24, 1888 in the family of farmers James William Carnegie and Amanda Elizabeth Harbison in Missouri. Father earned little – the family sometimes interrupted from bread to water. The only thing that pleased the Carnegie couple was their little son Dale. The boy was restless and very sociable. He was not afraid to arrange discussions on various topics, not only with classmates but also with teachers. And those, in turn, predicted a great future for him.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Dale Carnegie

But after graduating from school, the outgoing Dale could not find himself for quite a while. At first he worked as a messenger, then he became an actor and only after that he decided to transform into a coach in oratory. But first you had to graduate from college.

Parents gave all their savings so that his son enrolled in Warrensburg College of Education. Dormitories in those days in college did not give, and even a seedy little room near it cost unbearable money for Carnegie. Therefore, Dale had to live with his parents on the farm, get up every day before the roosters, clean the stable and, sometimes before breakfast, ride six miles on horseback to study. But it was even half the trouble.

Poor students, of course, also attended college, but there were fewer than a dozen. Everyone else, coming from wealthy families, rented beautiful apartments for themselves, flaunted in the classrooms in fashionable jackets and trousers. Dale, on the other hand, walked home on the farm and studied in the same outfit the cast-offs of his older brother he simply had nothing else. It is known that classmates evaluated poor Carnegie as an ugly, awkward and completely unsure loser with a bunch of complexes.

The basics of oratory: how to teach a child to speak in public

But, like any poor man, he wanted to grow to his peers and overtake them in everything. And he found the only thing in which he was better than them oratory. Carnegie recalled that he trained his speech not only in college but also at home on the farm he spoke with a calf, with a horse, with sheep. At first, his self-esteem did not help much. Classmates constantly laughed and made fun of him. Young Carnegie even thought to settle accounts with life. But then he pulled himself together and began training again. In the end, a young outgoing student was accepted into the discussion group. And then his talent was revealed! In his speeches, he was so good that many students asked him to become their tutor.

But the study came to an end, it was necessary to determine their place in life. Carnegie decided to try to teach the orators of farmers, about which he placed an advertisement in newspapers. But there were no people who wanted to leave milking, harvesting, weeding. Dale was depressed again. He threw everything, bought a ticket to Omaha (Nebraska) for the last money, rented a room and got a job as an agent for selling bacon, soap and lard.