Choosing Your Vests Perfectly

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Nearly 350 years ago, the vest appeared as clothing for civil servants. Initially, it had sleeves and served as the bottom of an everyday suit. If in this country the vest was very popular, then he had to win the love of all. With gilet urbain homme this is important.

The Best Variety

A variety of vests today knows no limits. Designers almost succeeded in surpassing the abundance of styles and textures characteristic of the mid-19th century: double-breasted and single-breasted, gray and white, striped and checked. Today distinguish vests: cardigan, blouse-on, and jacket. It is creative with embroidery or applique, knitted vest, fur and leather. Models of plain costume wool and cashmere will be especially appropriate for business meetings and lunches. If you expect publication, then you can choose vests from satin silk or pique. If you are a fan of experimenting with style, then you will be attracted to options from denim, knitwear and even jacquard.

gilet urbain homme

The Jacket Choices

If the jacket and trousers can be emphasized spacious, then the vest is simply obliged to sit on the figure. This element of the wardrobe is really quite complex in design, but it should sit perfectly: in the chest should be freer, but not overdo it, and in the waist, on the contrary, should fit snugly enough. An inaccurately fitted waistcoat will spoil the impression of the best suit: this is not even the bad taste of the wearer, but rather the ill-conceived image. In this case, the strap located on the back can serve as salvation, with the help of which the vest can be conveniently selected according to the silhouette. Achieving ideality in forms is not easy. It means that choosing a vest will be very difficult. You will have to re-measure many models of different sizes, so you need to be patient. But believe me, it’s worth it.

  • When trying on a vest, it is important to pay attention to its length: a classic vest should completely cover the trouser belt, but its front corners should not be below the level of the femur. This is a very thin, but extremely important proportion for the style. Any most perfect image will fall apart instantly if a belt, its buckle or the edge of a shirt will be visible from under the vest.

A vest is a special item of clothing that, as a rule, goes well with any clothing: from t-shirts and shirts to classic costumes. It is a mistake to think that a vest is worn only under a classic single-breasted jacket with two buttons. This element of style with a confident step went beyond the framework of a strict suit, becoming an independent piece of clothing that attracts the eye with a luxurious finish of leather, fur and other expensive materials. Wearing a shirt, the vest visually changes the figure, making it slimmer, and drawing attention to the extraordinary nature of its owner. A favorite accessory of creative personalities, a vest becomes a certain trick and noticeably transforms any of its owners.

Last Words

This rule is important to remember. A vest ordered according to an individual pattern is a status item. But it’s worth understanding that for this you will have to look for a good tailor and not everyone will undertake it.