Tips to Choose the Right Office Chairs


Many manufacturers, chasing an extra penny, deliberately reduce the quality of their products. At the same time, the price of the goods does not get cheaper, and advertising acquires bright colors. In order not to be fooled by tempting discounts and offers, we will consider several important tips that will help you acquire a high-quality and reliable office chair. With Flakko you can have the best deals now.

Types of Office Chairs

All office chairs are divided into three types: for managers, for subordinates and for visitors.

A distinctive feature of executive chairs is its size. Models of this kind have a wide high back, a seat with armrests, five-beam support with wheels and the ability to adjust the height of the seat and the angle of inclination of the back. As upholstery, expensive materials that have a breathing surface are used.

Armchairs for subordinates are much cheaper, have a simple design and a smaller size. Models of such chairs should be adjustable in height, the base should be equipped with wheels, and for greater convenience armrests should be provided.

The cheapest and easiest are chairs for visitors. Such furniture should be comfortable, with a flat surface and with a back. As a support, ordinary metal legs that can withstand a large load can be used. The main criterion for choosing chairs for visitors is an attractive appearance and clean upholstery.

Office Chair Design

A high-quality and comfortable office chair should have five-beam support on rotating wheels. Another important point is the presence of adjustable armrests, which help reduce the load on the muscles of the spine, neck and shoulders. The office chair should have adjustment mechanisms that will allow you to smoothly and with one hand to change the position of the backrest, seat height especially important for people with short stature and the position of the armrests, while not getting up. Also, the design of a comfortable chair should be in the form of a frame with a special vertebral roller. The presence of a roller gives an anatomical shape to the back, the edge of the seat should have a rounded shape, and the presence of a thick layer of foam serves for convenient fixation of the whole body, while not clamping the vessels.


Office chair seats are divided into three types: hard, medium-hard and soft. Hard is made from hard flooring materials such as wood, straw or metal. Soft ones have a thick layer of flooring and are equipped with springs.


The shape of the seat should be rounded and preferably with additional depth adjustment, which allows you to move the seat forward or backward by 5-7cm. An important point that affects comfort is the distance from the end of the leg to the chair, and it should be about 10 cm. This distance is especially important for tall people because standard chairs are not always comfortable.

The height of the office chair seat is adjusted by gas lift. A gas lift is an important part that connects the seat with a five-beam cross, and also allows you to adjust the height using a special lever that is accessible to a person in a sitting position. When buying a chair, always pay attention to the gas cartridge corresponds to 4 categories.