The dream of all the people in the world

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The home is the home that we can live in forever we are. So that we like home. We can protect our home; we can clean our home and we can d whatever we want us just due to our home. A lot of people have one own thought about their home and some people built like that some others do not have the home for their own they just love on the roadside or other side in anywhere they want to there. So that they want to build the home for their own. And the home like garage doors taunton  different types.

And for the generation. They just want to live for the next generation how they do their life great. They want to correct the life of the generation of their thing. They want to help them to correct the, for their small mistakes it will be there for the big one. If they correct the small mistakes and themselves they can correct the big mistakes. So, they can gain a lot of money for future uses.

Home must be

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The home must be so clean and good to see. The home wants one bedroom and one kitchen and hall for the living if they are a small family like father, mother, and one son. If the family was big they want to build a big house. Like it was like the join family so that they can live for the all. And get a salary for the all. They all can go to a job for the family benefit. So that they can do that thing. And they must love the home it was like the same family. So that they can always be there. The room will be so classic for them and the family.

Type of all

They can be like all types of all of them. So that they can do the same thing of all. And they can do the thing. In the home, they must be classic of all the type of home and they and a lot of people like that. If we do a different type of wall painting they must be attracting that thing so that they can love that. If they have any problem in the life of the see that thing. And do their life they just settled there. And do the thing of their own life and there doing. And they do that. They can go to a job and they can come home. For the world, it was an alternative to all the human beings.

Gate of all the home

In the home, they have the gate in different types, of doors in there. Like they can open automatically if anyone comes home, and they can scan the face, and then they can open that door. So that others open it can alert you then you can see that who was that in there of the front of your home. So that it will help you to advance who was that and want them doing in front of you in the home. If they must be a thief we can call cops to take them away from the home and a lot. And that they have the garage home door like that. It just usefully for all the vehicle