Guide to choosing a glass extension

glass room ideas

When undertaking expansion or a renovation, glass extensions have become the most sought after option in recent times. Glass extensions have become a most practical and stylish option as they come along with an increase in the total value. The technological improvements in glass have allowed it to become capable enough to be a part of the construction of a building. Till recently, glass panels were of commercial use only which are now being preferred for residential projects even. Using glass room ideas would flood your home with natural sunlight, bring in brightened corners of a room, and add on extra living space. An uninterrupted clear view of the outside environment close to the reality is bringing a great experience. Air and ventilation are the most desirable qualities of any home, and a lot of research is done in this direction.

glass room ideas

Glass roof

If you wish to transform your home like never before, then go with a glass roof wherever possible. Latest advancements would allow you to replace the ceiling with glass which is stronger and eco-friendly. Glazing technologies can transform a simple building into the luxurious, stylish-looking home using extensions. Floor to roof extension can be used to connect two buildings or just for the staircase. This does not have any shade and would draw a lot of heat. Glass roof would give a great view of the beautiful ever-changing sky.

It is costlier than conventional roofing methods. You can be assured of the drastic changes in the appearance of your home. It is only going to be a one-time investment with no maintenance charges. Just use any simple glass extension, and you would realize the impact on look. With this, you can utilize most of the area that is left unused.

Glass room

The traditional conservatory is moving towards new building methods in recent times. Frameless glass panes are used as building blocks that are held together with the help of a resin. These modern structures are working well in providing bright open living areas. The uninterrupted view is possible as they are transparent. High performance coated glass panels are preferable for this purpose as the coating helps in keeping the room fresh. Never compromise with the quality of glass to ensure its safety and efficiency. Double glazing with heat reflective coating glass has to opt else you will end up with a conservatory that is difficult to clean.

Frameless panels or framed panels or sliding doors are the widely chosen options. Glazing can even make the glass to be reflective to the outsiders.

Before moving on with the option of glass extensions:

Seek a piece of advice from an architect regarding building regulations and its energy efficiency.

Check a cost estimating platform whether it complies with your budget by letting them know the area of your house and where you wish to go for an extension.

Reach out a designer to make it look better, and you would know what options are available to you.

Consider transportation and installation charges of heavy panels while budgeting along with blinders if needed to have some shade. Structural support cost may also incur.