Business on the Internet: a waste of time or a way to a better future

Alex Vargas

Some use the Internet for entertainment and communication; others work here. Online earnings do not have geographical and social boundaries and are accessible from anywhere in the world where there is access to the network. Alex Vargas offers you the best guidance in this.

It doesn’t matter who you are a student, a pensioner, a housewife, a mother on maternity leave, an aspiring entrepreneur with the ambitions of a dollar millionaire: everyone will have a place on the Internet — ways of monetisation, two cars and a small truck. You have to choose the most suitable option.

The Internet is a space of unlimited opportunities for enterprising, energetic and independent people. Scientific fact: here you can earn any amount; it all depends on your abilities and ambitions. Thousands of people do it right now while you are reading this article. For them, the network is a source of financial independence, a workplace and territory for career growth.

But do not think that the Internet is a magical country in which money is distributed to everyone. As in real life, lazy and inactive citizens can rest on the couch further. Success is achieved by energetic, responsible and hardworking. There is a persistent opinion, especially among older people, that those who cannot find “normal” work go to the Internet to earn money.

The main advantages of earnings in the network:

  • Unlimited income.
  • A huge choice of directions – realise your abilities depending on their availability.
  • Independence – you work only for yourself without any bosses.
  • Irregular working hours – if you want, work 4 hours a week, if you want – work from dawn to dusk.
  • You choose the place of work.
  • At any time, you have the right to change the direction of activity.

A home based online business makes you a master of your time and your life. It doesn’t matter that at first, your earnings will not be as big as you would like. If you are heading for continuous development, the result will be sure.

The brightest moment in work for myself was an incomparable feeling of freedom when you move from a strictly normalised working time to your schedule.

But do not confuse freedom with sloppiness. The money will not be poured into the account on their own, simply because you started calling yourself an entrepreneur or freelancer. You have to work hard anyway.

People will pay only for the benefits you bring to them. For me, easy ways to extract money are unknown. If you know them, write in the comments.

Work remotely myth or reality

Alex Vargas

Online business or freelancing does not mean that money pours from the sky. It means that you are working from anywhere in the world according to your schedule.

Another warning: making money online is not for everyone. There is no guarantee that your investment of time and money will pay off. Internet business today is not earnings on clicks and games in a virtual casino. This is a full-fledged field of activity regulated (by the way) by legislation. From a legal point of view, not every kind of online activity is considered a business.

For example, if you provide services to the developer of web sites on the exchange, it will not be a business, but self-employment. Translators, copywriters, designers and other freelancers do not have to open the PI. However, if you have a whole agency of translators with corresponding incomes, then the activity should be arranged in the format of an enterprise.

Ideas for making money on the Internet

There are hundreds, if not thousands of ideas to make money online. Constantly there are fresh projects that become super-profitable. So it was with Google, Bitcoin, Facebook, VKontakte these projects were created from scratch and brought billions to their developers.