The Best of EMC Integration for You Now

EMC integrators

Very long consultations can slow down the understanding of the problem. The support staff will need more time to identify relevant information in the message. Remember that our desire is to respond appropriately and as soon as possible, so try to be brief and concise. The use of the EMC integrators comes perfect now.

A smile always helps

Like everything in life, a negative approach does not help solve the problem. Remember that on the other side there is a person who tries to do his best to help you, so being kind and friendly always ensures that communication is more pleasant and fluid, which leads to a quick and effective resolution.

Sometimes we forget that from the technical service you can measure key KPIs to know the status of customer satisfaction with the company itself. For this reason, it is a service that we must take care of and parameterize so that the processes are generated from the best practices.

Get ahead of events

Monitoring allows errors to be anticipated before the client becomes aware of the incident. This advantage allows the technician to act proactively, report the problem and proceed to its resolution. When a supplier anticipates the events to resolve an incident, a feeling of security and trust is generated in the client.

Register remote sessions

Using a remote assistance system speeds up the resolution of technical incidents due to the immediacy of working in real-time without displacements. The registration of technical interventions in a repository can be used to consult a client’s “history” and address the problem more effectively having all the centralized data, as well as improving the productivity of the technical equipment and its correct sizing.

Ease of dialogue with the client

Not always the interlocutors have an eminently technical profile, so you have to do an empathy exercise and offer the appropriate explanations through the communication channel that is most effective for each case.

The use of tools such as chat allows communication in which you can talk with the client and thus be able to explain the workflow, technical aspects or detailed instructions failed configurations, incompatibility of versions that can give clarity to a situation that the customer values ​​as a problem. In addition, at a critical moment, transferring files during the conversation itself or taking over the remote control immediately can be an important added value. In this way, with a level of information in real-time you can avoid repetitive calls from the client that can become annoying for both parties.

The collaboration of the technical team

Sharing technical questions between agents with different levels of support results in greater optimization of time and resources. The same chat that is used to initiate remote help with the client can be used as an internal messaging resource for collaboration between technicians.

Not all technicians are experts in the same technologies, so it is important that the doubts that raise some problems can be shared in an agile way, and the incidence is even redirected to the most valid interlocutor during an intervention.

Each customer is unique

EMC integrators

“Each customer is unique”, although it seems a very strong commercial statement, the truth is that support centers with multi-client activity have to focus on individualized and personalized attention. Priority should not be given to “large” or “small” clients, but rather to emergency levels.