Terrarium Cross paths

Terrarium Singapore

Some people call a terrarium a small ecosystem in a glass container either which is open or sealed, that is made up of plants and soils. If the glass container is sealed, only it is open for watering the plants and maintenance purposes. It is typically called a decorative piece but education is hidden in this Terrarium Singapore . For example – the teacher can teach ecosystem in terrarium activity in a fun way and it is easy to learn and absorb for students.

Terrarium Singapore


First, we have to choose which type of terrarium is used. A terrarium is two types. They are open and closed terrariums. The container has a lid to seal, it is called a closed terrarium. A closed terrarium used evaporated moisture from soil and plants to create a water cycle. It with light maintenance and also self-regulating. Direct sunlight is not possible forclosed terrarium. Because direct heat will kill the plants. A closed terrarium will be opened for some amount of time or periodically to gets some fresh air and enjoy the environment. An open terrarium doesn’t contain a water cycle which is found in a closed terrarium. It is mean that water must be used more frequently. Plants decide the amount of water usage and layers in the terrarium. Some will hold more water and others will dispel water at different rates. Then the people must know which type of container is suitable for a terrarium. The decision will make us on types of containers to use. This will result from the plant type or terrarium types we want and our overall idea for the terrarium. If people choose a closed terrarium then sure to get a container with a lid. For this terrarium glass or plastic is fine. Make sure that container is free from chemicals or unknown liquids for long period. If the container has chemicals or other liquids, it leads to kill the plants or create more bugs that are more at risk for a terrarium. The last one is to choose the appropriate plant type to use. There are more plants that are used for a closed and open terrarium. Moreover, a closed terrarium is like all kinds of people while compared to an open terrarium. Because it is a moisture-loving plant like ivy, mosses, and ferns. Normal house plants favored from open terrariums. Succulent and cacti grow with little maintenance only so that it popular in open terrarium among people mind. However, choosing the plants in our terrarium is up to people’s mindset only. Make sure that the specific plants that are chosen will not grow outside of the container and the size also will be less than the container.

The things that are used for a terrarium is container, sand, rocks, pebbles. Activate or horticulture charcoal, soil, plant that is chosen by us. The decoration thing for the container is optional. For the people who want decoration in the container will include decoration things also. There are important things used for a closed or open terrarium. A terrarium is becoming more popular nowadays. Most of the youngsters involved in this terrarium to make the room or house looks more attractive while compared to another house. It was a major advantage for this terrarium. It shows the house or rooms a more attractive and pleasant place. More people learning the terrarium process steps very carefully to make the terrarium as they feel.