Different design format that use to make the fabric looks better

repeat pattern design

The design takes the major part of fabrics or clothes. Design can be printed in many ways. If the fabric has to roll out well then the fabric design should be very attractive. If the style is not attractive then the whole processes get out from its fashion trend all one a single stand. There are many different types of fabric materials are available all the materials never take all type of design we preferred to do. Each fabric has its kind and that only goes with those types. There are many processes to design a material in that a special way is loved by all people and all generations that are repeat pattern designThere is another designing way called motif design. It is such a design that can be in an image or some kind of elements that can do in a repeated way. These are some of the easiest ways to make the fabric with the design and also it gives a neat and rich look after the completion of work. Let us see these in detail.

Formats that use to make fabric attractive:

repeat pattern design

In the motif design there are many ways or formats are available to make the fabric beautiful. Motifs are larger and are many as numbers compared to other types of designs. They are of different types. Those types are mentioned below,

  • Fully dropped format
  • Half-size dropped format
  • Simple format
  • Repeat over format
  • Positive repeat format
  • Negative repeat format
  • The mirror reflected design format

These are some examples of types that the designer or the artist pick to do the fabric in a better way. There are also many types or other minute ways that are there in the matter and those are loved by the people also. If designed clothes have to make a trend then the artist should have to implement many of the designs with it. A good trend seating fabric should have a perfect cloth type, color, design, and much in-depth worth along with it. Now, we are going to see a brief about the types which we mentioned above.

The fully dropped format is the pattern that runs fully on the fabric either on the horizontal way or the vertical way. It cannot give any complete look if we break the design in between. Half-size dropped format is a format that gives the material or the paper format which can be done half but when it comes to combining its end it gives the proper look. The simple format is a format that we can do it with very little imagination like small flowers, leaves, fruits, or any other small cute little things but the result at the end give a nice and amazing touch.

Repeat over format this type runs anywhere of the fabric without any restriction but the same concept filled all over the material. For example lines, curves, rounds, or other types of design. These are some of the fabric design formats and these can give the material into the best one at the end of its work.