Crafting with leather

leather workshop singapore

The workshop considered introducing new ideas or demonstrations of the product developed by their skills, exposed to the public who gathered on the occasion. It was the challenged one to get selected for future values and rights. It is a platform to the person who forwards steps into the work, task, or assignment.

leather workshop singapore

Workshop types:

  • Face to face interview- discussed a particular or single project leather workshop singapore .
  • Particular group- a selected group who did best in them before the interview.
  • Workshop conducting through the web.
  • And also through online workshops.

When the workshop is conducted?

  • Introducing new technology or ideas.
  • It gives training to staff or colleagues in the same field or organization.
  • Helps to process and staffing the works.
  • The demo should be held in the workshop.
  • To analyze the capability of the demonstrator how boldly he/she handling the skills in the public.

How to plan the workshop?

  • Identify and figure out the topics.
  • Planning should be very important
  • Identify the audience.
  • Clear about the new model ideas whether the product is already existing in the field or not.
  • Don’t explain the irrelevant of the topic.
  • Make the public more interesting in your ideas.
  • Understand the benefits of new ideas and expose them.
  • Before doing anything you have analyzed the trend of the product.
  • Identify the ideal value of the workshop and how many members should come forward willing to know or study about the product.
  • Commitments should be very clear.
  • Before going to demonstrate, rehearsal should to necessary.
  • After completing the demonstration have to ask the queries.
  • Allow the public to say the ups and downs of the project.
  • Make the public more attention with your deliverance
  • Current updating should be very important in the workshop
  • Make the participants feel more comfortable.
  • The presentation should be neat and clean.
  • If you make a web presence it should in clear audio and video.

Leather making

It is practised for making leather by techniques of shaping and colouring.

What is meant by leather?

Leather is created by animal skins. It is very durable and flexible.

It helps to make use of

  • Belts
  • Shoes and other footwear’s
  • Automobile industries
  • Clothing’s
  • Baggies
  • Modern accessories
  • Furniture like sofas etc..

But in the present century, it is a crime to use animal skin for making leather. Animal health care (PETA) and the animal rights group filed a case to stop the process.

Leather making workshop

  • In leather making workshop, to know about the product to be used for making leather and what are advanced technologies to be used.
  • And to know about the colouring and the dying process should be used
  • To know the values, how they used, and where they used.
  • In the workshop, we knew the market values of the leather products.
  • Nowadays many artificial types of leather are introduced in the market. It is made of enzymes and chemicals.
  • Various elements are used to soften and condition the leather from environmental factors.
  • Carving, stamping, moulding or shaping, painting, dying, cutting using the laser, perfection should be known in the workshop.

Identify the market value of the leather products and research should be done.