Choosing the Essential Parts of WordPress Plugin Now

WordPress Plugins is another really good platform for purchasing themes. They are all structured with a Layout Builder with drag & drop system, simple and intuitive, you can change every element of the theme, from the header to the footers. The use of the WordPress Plugins is the right step here.

Everyone has the possibility to upload the demo content, in order to obtain in a few minutes a site identical to the preview that the company offers. Themify offers different purchase solutions, some themes are completely free, but they are quite limited, others are paid, but with a decidedly sustainable figure you can access the download of all the themes present.

WordPress themes Themefuse

Themefuse offers few themes, but they are all highly selected and divided into product categories. They can be purchased individually or through an annual subscription fee that allows access to all available resources.

There are also other noteworthy websites on which you can buy WordPress templates. We have StudioPress , the creators of the Genesis Framework , we have the excellent My Theme Shop and Theme Isle , we have WooThemes , the creators of the WooCommerce plugin, while instead for free themes we have the repository on WordPress Themes .

WordPress Plugins

Paid themes vs free themes

Why should we pay when there are also so many free themes? Legitimate question. The answer is that, in the long run, the game isn’t worth the candle. Let’s start by saying that the proposed themes have affordable prices for anyone: the average of the themes is around 50-60 dollars. If your goal is to develop an online business, we think this is a very small expense in relation to the benefits it offers you. Furthermore, most of the free themes are too tied to the old structure of the classic blog.

Only recently are there any attempts to align them with the most modern standards, with the possibility therefore of using the platform to create a complete website in all its parts.

Furthermore, free themes are often created and then “forgotten”. This could cause delays or no update with the release of new versions of WordPress and these risks losing compatibility, presenting errors or even compromising the functionality of the site itself.

  • In addition we must face the security aspect: a Premium theme, exactly as it happens for the WordPress code, is continuously updated to overcome any new vulnerability problem that may arise.
  • A website must be thought of as a tool in constant evolution and which, over time, could undergo significant changes.
  • When you buy a theme you have the technical support of the developers themselves, the dedicated forum and sometimes even telephone support.
  • The manufacturing companies have all the advantages of receiving positive reviews and keeping you as a customer, so they will certainly give you a hand in case of need.
  • For a free theme all of this is of lower (if not non-existent) quality.

Another aspect not to be underestimated is the features

Premium themes often include tools, otherwise for a fee, designed to improve the user experience and make your site more pleasant such as animated sliders, layout builder and other premium plugins that, in case of free themes, you would be forced to buy.