Human needs breath similarly machinery needs power supply

Power to Choose

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Power to Choose

In today’s world, everything will become demand due to the heavy population and high usage of the products. Have you thought ever why the prices are going high every year?  Due to less available sources and high demand for that. Many of the countries following some strategy that if any of products are becoming high people avoid using until it becomes a low cost. Especially Indian will be controversial say for example if the gold prices are becoming high people are stand on queue to buy the gold. Here I would like to share some of the information about energy rates.  Energy can not be created but it can be converted into some form of energy for specific purposes. Most countries using non-renewable energy due to that it becomes a demand. Alternatively, people using renewable energy. There is a doubt Power to Choose for our application. Yes, there might be lots of energy sources available whether it may renewable and non-renewable due to the high demand and cost of that many industries using renewable energy instead of non-renewable energy. Due to think directly do we can use renewable energy? Never we cont instead of that can convert that energy into electrical energy. Just imagine that without electrical do you feel comfortable in your work or do you manufacture something. No. yes every product each soul depends on electricity. It’s such a valuable thing in this world. As an engineer I can say we could save energy for the future we hope for our living we need wind, sunlight if not earth is not eligible to live the soul so we hope that we will be having such natural sources of energy which can be converted into electricity by mean of solar, for wind we can make wind turbine electrical generator base on this way we can satisfy the needs of the things every day in our human life. Electricity is the most important one for everyday usage.

How hard to get electrical energy?

Still, many scientists doing their research the ways to convert some energy into electrical energy yes recently I have read out one interesting article that human walks may become electrical energy. Do you imagine that? Yes, it is one of the methods of production the current from the human walks over the surface area. Recently many industries used to have those types of ceramics which will be helpful to get energy and stored in a battery. Manufacturing electrical energy is somewhat difficult since depends on the weather condition there might be lots of ways to produce the electric current. The electrical energy can be produced by hydel power station it happens when the water flow is high due to high rainfall that could be store and by the mean hydel plant making generator couple with tubing to get electrical power. Similarly, wind energy is also used to produce the electrical current in order to make electricity for human machinery whenever the high wind flows over the earth the wings rotated coupled with a generator make an electric supply. The world moving towards wind and solar energy production of electricity.